uncanny: odd, uncomfortably strange; beyond the ordinary or normal  
drive: to strive vigorously; a carpark; to convey in a vehicle

Vehicles – cars, trains, bikes, whatever – when well-designed, are mobile sculptures. A talented designer can shape metal to refer to masculine or feminine forms, convey aggression or illustrate speed. I’ve been impressed by this since I was a kid, and these drawings try to capture the basic thrust of some classic designs.

The cars I love most are the ones that can be found in a junkyard, or the ones that an average person may actually be able to own. The efficiency of their production and the practicality they require make their artistry in many ways more impressive to me than the unobtainable street-legal racecars.

I prefer ghost cars, those that are no longer made, especially those that have no modern descendants, uncanny designs that still roam the streets and are still desirable.